Our Featured Resident, Marsha


We wanted to feature our very own resident, Marsha B.! In the photo, she is at a recent Valentine’s Day party in her festive attire with holiday cards gifted from a local youth troop.

About Marsha:

Marsha was born in the spring of 1945 with the medical condition of Cerebral Palsy.

Her parents and older sister were given a sad prognosis that she was not expected to live long after birth. Marsha not only overcame her health challenges to live through childhood into elderly adulthood, but she also developed and thrived in impressive and endearing ways. Her nephew, Jeff, shared with us that as a child she loved to ride her three-wheeled bicycle to the local candy store to buy items, and she attended parochial school through the sixth grade. Marsha wore leg braces to strengthen and steady her legs so that as both an older child and young adult, she was able to walk. Still, she had to contend with peers making fun of her. She coped with the support of religious faith, along with her parents and older sister, though she lived on her own for a time handling basic tasks such as reheating food in the oven herself.

Nowadays, Marsha happily participates in her favorite game of BINGO along with almost every activity every day, enjoys arts and crafts, attending meals in the dining room and is very socially active. Marsha has been deaf since birth but doesn’t let that hold her back, she communicates effectively and with her own special flair.

We adore Marsha’s kind-hearted nature to advocate and alert us with hand signals and vocal cues on behalf of the needs of her fellow residents. She is especially protective and sisterly toward her roommates. Her nephew tells us that she has always been generous in spirit and likes giving gifts to others. Marsha enjoys soap operas, tabloid news, and sports – we know she’s a Michigan Wolverine’s fan and wears her fan gear to show support. We’re blessed and proud to have Marsha here with us, sharing her love of others, with a special fondness for cute cats and babies!

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